Monday, 30 May 2016

What to Do if You Have a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing problems are never convenient, but if you’re experiencing a true plumbing emergency such as a busted pipe or other similar situation, there are several steps you can take in order to mitigate the potential damages. Each step is important, so closely following this guide is a must.

Shut Off and Assess

The first thing you should do is shut off your water in order to prevent the issue from spreading or becoming worse. Structural damage isn’t cheap, so when you assess the situation at hand, you should be thorough and look for signs such as:

• The amount of water that has escaped pipes
• The level of the water relative to your walls
• The length of time the water has been sitting in the area in question.

Contact Your Water Company

This step is important because you may not always be responsible for footing the bill for repairs. Water companies are often held accountable for issues with:

• Sewer mains
• Blocked sewers
• Main water lines

Call a Plumber

Plumbers often offer emergency services around the clock. Waste no time in getting to this step. The longer the water sits, the more structural damage your home is likely to experience.

Hopefully, you’ll never need emergency plumbing services, but in the event that the need arises, it’s best to have a plan. To learn more about emergency plumbing in Pittsboro, visit this website.

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