Sunday, 29 May 2016

Don’t Let Leaky Pipes Ruin Your Rest

When a pipe leaks in the middle of the night, deciding quickly how to proceed until a qualified professional can come may make the difference in saving your floors from flooding and your water bill from related damages. If turning the water off is not an option, consider one of these three quick fixes.

1. Tighten the Joint

Sometimes the leak will occur directly at the joint where two pipes meet. For threaded joints, a wrench may be used to make the joint connection tighter. If no threads are present, welding will be required, and that should be left to a professional.

2. Plug a Tiny Hole

When a tiny hole is the cause of the leak, a pencil tip can be lodged into the hole to stop it. Push the tip into the hole, then snap it off to lodge it in place. Wrapping the pipe with durable tape helps to secure the pencil tip.

3. Use a Garden Hose and Clamps

In cases where a larger leak exists, you may be able to rig a temporary cover from a section of garden hose. Use a section of hose at least 2” larger than the damage. Slit the hose lengthwise, then carefully sheathe the pipe in it, centering the damage carefully. Now use the clamps to secure your repair.

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