Monday, 30 May 2016

Top 3 Reasons People Call The Plumber

Many people pride themselves on being able to master simple do-it-yourself tasks. However, it is a good idea to be cautious if faced with an emergency or a potentially complicated problem. Plumbers have an edge over the average amateur handyman or handywoman, because a plumber:

• Can spot and solve problems quickly
• Is licensed
• Guarantees his or her work
Here are top reasons people call a plumber.

1. Frozen or burst pipes

This is clearly an emergency, because there is no way to have proper access to water. If you suspect your pipe is frozen or burst, shut off the main and call the plumber right away.

2. Water leaks

You may not notice water leaks right away, but if left untreated, they can end up costing you a bundle of money. If you hear the sound of running water that doesn’t seem to stop, have a plumber find the source of the leak.

3. Clogged drains

Many people try to fix clogged drains or toilets themselves, when they may make the problem worse by forcing the clog to move deeper. Drain solutions and plungers can remove minor clogs, but a professional plumber may need to take apart the pipe to deal with the problem. Another reason to call a plumber is that an overflowing toilet can spread unsanitary germs if not dealt with properly and can permanently damage floors. For more information about a plumbing company in Chapel Hill, click through this website.

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